sustainably prepare your home for dog

10 Tips for Sustainably Preparing Your Home for a Dog

sustainably prepare your home for dog

Following a sustainable lifestyle is a great way to decrease your carbon footprint. Although you might not realize it, your four-legged friends also have a carbon footprint — or carbon pawprint. So, remember to keep sustainability in mind while you’re getting ready to bring a new dog home. Here are 10 tips for preparing your home for your furry friend.

1. Fix Your DOG

While many people prefer not to fix a pet, research shows it has many advantages and can help them live a healthy life. It can decrease their chance of developing cancer and reduce the likelihood of obesity. To avoid multiple trips to the vet — and prevent accidental puppies — have a vet fix your dog. Note: If you adopt your dog from an animal shelter or rescue (which we highly recommend), they will generally ensure your pet is fixed before you go home.

2. Be Ready to Dispose of Waste Properly

Waste considerably affects the environment and can release carbon emissions, but only if you throw it away incorrectly. If duty calls while you and your dog are on a walk, don’t leave it there — dispose of it properly. Use environmentally friendly bags to reduce your impact even more.

3. Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Buy recyclable cleaning products and pet-friendly ones, such as eco-friendly pet wipes and biodegradable poop bags. Purchasing eco-friendly cleaning items will allow you to contribute less to the plastic ending up in landfills.

Many cleaning products contain dangerous chemicals, which can pose a risk to your dog, you and the environment. By getting more natural solutions, you help ensure your new best friend doesn’t get sick after a deep clean.

4. Get Sustainable Dog Food

The manufacturing process of dog food contributes to the output of carbon emissions — the leading cause of climate change. Make sure you look for eco-friendly dog food which contains the nutrients your furry friend requires.

Alternatively, you could make your dog’s food yourself, allowing you to cut back on the plastic packaging your pet’s food may arrive in and ensuring they only eat quality ingredients. If you’ve found an excellent eco-friendly dog food company, consider making treats at home. Either way, check with your dog’s vet to find out what nutrients are essential for a healthy doggy diet.

5. Feed Your Dog the Recommended Amount

Overfeeding your dog can lead to serious health problems — which also means more trips to the vet, costing money and contributing to carbon emissions. Ensure your dog is in top shape by feeding them the recommended amount of food. This will save money in the long run, help you live more sustainably and keep your dog’s health a top priority.

6. Buy Only What Your Pet Needs

Your four-legged friend can climb so deep into your heart, naturally, you want to spoil them with toys, treats and cute doggy outfits. Unfortunately, buying your dog unnecessary items can contribute to waste. Try only to purchase items they require and reduce excessive buying.

7. Limit Online Purchases

While online shopping is convenient, it does contribute to greenhouse gasses — vehicles deliver items frequently traveling great distances, adding to the release of carbon emissions. A more sustainable option would be to walk to your local pet shop. This can also be an opportunity for a little exercise for you and your pet.

8. Use Eco-Friendly or homemade Pet Toys

While eco-friendly pet toys can be more expensive, the price difference is usually insignificant. If you have a puppy with a more destructive nature, keep durability in mind. Consider purchasing sturdier pet toys you can recycle.

An alternative, and more creative, approach is to make your own pet toys. Cardboard boxes can make a great playground for your pet and provide hours of entertainment. Instead of throwing away old clothes, consider using them for a fun purpose — tug of war.

9. Limit the Use of Plastic Products

Plastic items are dangerous to the environment and can even cause harm to your dog, especially if they’re able to ingest them. Instead of buying plastic food bowls, consider utilizing more environmentally friendly products such as ceramic or stainless steel. This aids in plastic goods not ending up in a landfill when they break and helps both of you live more eco-friendly lives.

10. Purchase Pet-Friendly Plants

Plants and trees are fantastic as they consume carbon dioxide from the air and produce oxygen. On top of that, they can provide a great atmosphere when you add them to your home.

Unfortunately, some plants can be poisonous and pose a risk to your curious four-legged friend. Ensure the plants you choose are pet friendly and do not pose any danger to your dog.

A Sustainable Life for You And Your Dog

Pets bring much joy into your life, but with the changes happening in the environment, you must consider the carbon pawprint your furry friend leaves behind. It’s possible to enjoy the benefits and joys of having a dog while working towards sustainability.

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