Photographer Cantay Gök perfectly captured this pair of Oryx peering back in unison in front of an African sunset.

Grow an indoor herb garden | Tuesday Tip

You can try a simple potted herb garden or a potato sack, which can be grown effectively on a windowsill.

Elephant rock

A portion of the volcano-formed coast on Heimaey, Iceland, looks exactly like the head of an elephant sticking its trunk in the water.

Wave of clouds

No, it’s not Photoshop. This image is a real photograph of a cloud formation over Minnesota that looks exactly like the ocean waves.

Where’s Santa?

Captured in the snowy forest of Montebello, Quebec, photographer Alan Poelman snapped this beautiful moment of five wild red deer.

Colorful Cosmophasis

Cosmophasus are a genus of spiders in the family Salticidae, also known as jumping spiders. This tiny bright jumper sits calmly on an orchid.

Wanna hike?

Beautiful view for a hike, but we wouldn’t trust this companion. Photographer Sascha Fonseca set-up a remote camera in Ladakh, India to capture this shot of a cranky snow leopard.

Bird on Mars

The photographer (@birdingwithsangeeta) confessed that she utilized some photoshop behind this Wilson’s plover on Fort Desoto Beach in Florida, but this creative touch definitely looks like a bird on Mars!

Don’t move

An eagle becomes locked into a staring contest with a mischievous magpie. Who will strike first?

The Bubbles

When visiting Jordan Pond in the Acadia National Park in Maine, you will spot two prominent hills on the horizon known as The Bubbles.