Fuel Economy Tips for the Holidays

Traveling for the holidays has become somewhat of a tradition for many families here in the United States and around the world. Some of our travels will only take us a few miles down the road, while others may lead us across the country. If you plan on driving at all over the holidays, you’re […]

Fuel Economy Hits the Road

Image by Ed Kwon / Creative Commons For many people summer is the time of the year when they hit the road to do some traveling. Whether it is for a family vacation, a simple road trip, a business trip or any other reason, summer seems to be a busy time of the year for […]

Fuel Economy: Getting the Biggest Bang for Your Buck

With a gasoline prices as high as they are, getting the biggest bang for your buck at the pump is essential. In fact, families are reportedly spending more on transportation than on food these days. That is anyone who drives a vehicle needs to be aware of some of the basic fuel economy tricks of […]

Rainy Day Driving Tips That Can Help Your Fuel Economy

I decided to write this blog post because we are currently in the middle of a few rain storms in Southern California and I thought it might be good to go over some tips and information regarding how rain can affect your commute and fuel economy. If you’ve even been to Southern California you probably […]

Transportation: Cost and Environmental Pollution

  Image by biofriendly No matter what form of transportation you use, one of the key things you should factor in is cost to you and the environment.  How much does it cost to run that vehicle?  How much is your car polluting the air?  How much will a proven fuel additive help lower emissions […]

Sustainability: From Biodiesel to Water Waste

  Image from PathtoFreedom.com  When it comes to sustainable-living, not many people can say they are living a sustainable life, much less a green one.  Don’t get me wrong, many people have parts of their life where they are trying to be green or trying to act more responsible when it comes to the environment, but […]

Can I recycle that?

  Image by CSatch The other day I was flipping through Woman’s Day magazine and I saw this great little article titled “the best way to recycle it”.  It basically said how to recycle old outdoor equipment.  Of course that got me thinking, what other odds and ends (or even every-day use items) can you […]

Have a Happy and Safe Holiday weekend!

  Image by ** Maurice **   I’m off today through Monday for the 4th of July holiday weekend.  Going to be spending some time with my family!  I hope all of you get a chance to enjoy the beautiful weekend and spend sometime outdoors as well!  Happy Independence Day!  Here are a few tidbits of information […]

Clean Air Choices Pgm Promoting the Environment

  Image by biofriendly They state they are “Cleaning the air we breathe…” and their program is designed to provide information to people to help them make smarter personal transportation decisions.  Decisions that will be better for the environment and help improve air quality.  Who are they?  Cleanairchoices.org. Have you ever heard about them?  Well, […]

Fuel Economy Through Ride-Sharing

  Image by biofriendly If you ask almost anyone, they know that ride-sharing, car- or van-pooling and using public transportation will definitely make a difference to your fuel economy.  It will also save you money.  So, why don’t more people ride-share or car-pool? Maybe it’s because they don’t know how much they will save.  Now […]