Can Biofuels Really Be a Sustainable Fuel Source?

Over the years the question has been raised countless times as to whether biofuels can actually be a sustainable fuel source. While some may argue the value of biofuel, many believe that as long as the biofuel is made from waste products, not food sources, benefits can be had. A recent article brought up the point that […]

Jet Engine Biofuel Passes Test With Flying Colors

On April 25th, 2013, NASA researchers found that a commercial jet could safely fly with jet fuel that also contained plant oil. In fact, it was reported that a biofuel mix created from camelina plant oil did not affect a DC-8 aircraft’s engine performance as high as 39,000 feet. Additionally, it was reported that the […]

Algae Biofuel: The Oil of the Future?

There are a lot of innovative ideas coming to light about how to make the automobile and transportation industries more environmentally-friendly. One of the “greenest” ideas, in more ways than one, is the use of algae as a petroleum replacement. I’m not saying that algae would or even could be a complete substitute for petroleum, […]

The Latest Biofriendly Mode of Transportation

  Images from  When it comes to the form of transportation you use, would you consider yourself biofriendly?  Do you own a hybrid or electric vehicle? Do you bike to work, car-pool or take public transportation? Do you use proven fuel additives or biofuels? Do you walk whenever you can?  Well, no matter what you’ve done […]

California aims to reduce transportation emissions 10% by 2020

Getting a jump on the rest of the world, the California Air Resources Board recently approved a landmark regulation designed to cut carbon emissions from California’s transportation fuels.  The Low Carbon Fuel Standard aims to reduce harmful emissions from California’s transportation fuels by 10% over the next 11 years. How does it intend to do […]

Smart fortwo car is a green choice

Image by Randy Read  If you are in the market for a new car and want something that is “greener”, both for your wallet and for the environment, you really should check out a smart “fortwo” car. In terms of what it will cost you, smart fortwo cars start at around $11,990 for the pure […]

Join the Green Generation on Earth Day 2009

Image from Earth Day Network is launching their “Green Generation™” campaign on Wednesday, April 22nd 2009 aka Earth Day 2009.  The Green Generation campaign is not an initiative solely designed to generate interest in Earth Day’s 40th Anniversary (coming in 2010), but is a genuine movement that people of all ages and walks of […]

Film shoots and global warming

  Image by biofriendly On location film shoots have always been a pet-peeve of mine.  It’s not the fact that they are doing shooting on location, I just don’t understand why there is so much unnecessary waste on these film shoots.  Seriously, between the constantly running generators, to the trucks idling in the street, to […]

Bio-fuels and Hybrids look out….Karma is coming!

Image by crazytales562  Bio-fuels used to be all the rage and in some cases, they still are.  Whether you are talking about ethanol made from corn or bio-fuels made from algae or anything in between, you are bound to drum up some interest.  Hybrids also peak interests and are still among the top eco-friendly cars, […]

Biofuel plantations replacing Tropical Rain Forests

  Image by Byflickr Did you know that because of tropical deforestation, it is estimated that at least 40 species are perishing every day?  Not only that, but it is estimated that at the current rate of deforestation, tropical rain forests could disappear altogether in the next 30 to 50 years.  Why?  Because, believe it […]