Los Angeles Auto Show Takes a Biofriendly Focus

The Los Angeles Auto Show started yesterday, revealing a commitment from carmakers to include a focus on the environment. Ford, General Motors, Chrysler and Honda contributed their visions for a future of biofriendly cars. 

“Ford is committed to offering customers affordable, environmentally friendly technologies in vehicles they really want,” Alan Mulally said. “We are focusing on sustainable technology solutions that can be used not for hundreds or thousands of cars – but for millions of cars, because that is how Ford can truly make a difference.” 

This AFP article details the direction the carmakers will take to introduce environmentally friendly changes to their cars over the short, medium and long term. While Ford, General Motors and Chrysler are looking to further develop Hybrid technology for cars, big trucks and SUV’s, Honda is putting it’s efforts into hydrogen fuel cell technology. 

“The FCX Clarity is a shining symbol of the progress we’ve made with fuel cell vehicles and of our belief in the promise of this technology,” said Tetsuo Iwamura, American Honda Chief Executive. “We are working to overcome obstacles to the mass-market potential of zero emissions hydrogen fuel cell automobiles,”

Hopefully, with carmakers now making biofriendly technology a priority, consumers will now have a greater range of green vehicles to choose from and at a price that won’t steer them away from the green movement.

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