red rose

Happy Valentine’s Day

We, at Biofriendly Planet Magazine, want to wish you and yours a Happy Valentine’s Day!

woman on swing

Biofriendly Reasons You Should Unplug More Often

In this day and age, being plugged in has almost become a way of life. If you’re plugged in, you’re connected to the rest of the world. You’ve got your finger on the pulse, you know what is happening in the world when it happens and you are very unlikely to miss out on the […]

Welcoming Committee

A Deer Welcome

Today’s Biofriendly Image of the Day goes to this deer welcoming committee. As you can see, these deer seem to be right at home out in nature, but also seem to be quite happy traveling along this plowed road. And let me say, if they’re this adorable for the camera, who knows what fun they […]

hiking in the mountains

First Day Hike

Today’s Biofriendly Image of the Day goes to this photo of two people hiking near Slogen in Norway. Not only is the scenery and view beyond stunning, but the picture completely makes you want to follow these two right up the mountain. Even if you can’t get to Norway, start your New Year off right […]

winter wonderland

Season’s Greetings From Biofriendly Planet Magazine

Season’s Greetings from all of us here at Biofriendly Planet Magazine. Remember to take some time to unplug and get outdoors over the holidays. It’s a great way to recharge and a wonderful way to spend time with family and friends. We hope you have a safe and biofriendly holiday!

Natures winter coat

Nature’s Winter Coat

Today’s Biofriendly Image of the Day goes to this stunning image of Mother Nature in her finest winter coat. You can almost feel the cool, crisp air and hear the crackling of the branches under the weight of the fallen snow, just from looking at the photo itself. Nothing beats the real thing though. So, […]

hearts of color

Hearts of Color

In addition to the cooler weather, one of the best aspects of Autumn in the northern hemisphere is the changing colors and falling leaves. Such a beautiful sight to see. The reds, the yellows, the hints of orange and even the green in the background. The hearts of color on this tree are particularly stunning […]

autumn trees

4 Biofriendly Activities to Celebrate the Autumnal Equinox

Autumn is officially here. Now this doesn’t mean it’s time to change your clocks back (if your state/area observes Daylight Savings Time), it simply means the Autumnal Equinox aka Autumn Equinox aka Fall Equinox is upon us. So, summer is officially over for those north of the equator and fall has arrived. What Is the […]

Austrian Alps

Austrian Alps

We wanted to award this beautiful panoramic of the Austrian Alps with today’s Biofriendly Image of the Day. I don’t know about you but, to me, this image is like a breath of fresh air. It brings a smile to my face. It’s like an invitation to get outdoors and spend more time out in […]

Forest of trees

Forest of Trees

Since we’ve already passed the unofficial start of summer, and the official start of summer is right around the corner, we wanted to see if we could entice you to spend a little more time outdoors. It’s for this reason today’s Biofriendly Image of the Day goes to this forest of trees. Doesn’t it look […]