Starlings in the Shape of a Bird

This image of starlings in murmation forming the shape of a bird might possibly be the frontrunner for photo of the year in 2021. Taken by photographer James Crombie over Lough Ennel, Co. Westmeath was featured on the cover of Irish Times this very morning (March 4, 2021).

garden by fence

7 Tips For Designing an Eco-Friendly Garden

Earth-conscious gardening is rooted in cutting back on household waste and toxic chemicals. This mindful approach conserves our vital resources, such as water. It also prioritizes the habit of recycling. By making these choices, you can slow the pace of global warming. Toward that end, here are 7 creative ideas for your upcoming growing season. […]

The Thunderbird by Larry Zimmer

The Thunderbird

Captured in 2014, photographer Larry Zimmer captured this unbelievable moment during a storm in Arizona. Incredible to see that the shape of a bird formed naturally in the lighting strike.

Lizard Camp Out | Green Wings Award

This cute, little birdhouse may have been originally intended for the birds, but it looks like a neighborhood lizard has other plans. Maybe he’s simply looking for a new place to live or perhaps he’s planning a trip. The birdhouse does look like a camper….so he could be on a camp out. Whatever his intentions […]

garden beds raised

5 Eco-Friendly Garden Ideas for Kids

With all the focus on recycling and being eco-friendly, gardening is the one way we can all contribute. It can also be a great way of including children and teaching them all about the need to care for the world and the impact we can make by being eco-friendly. Children do have short attention spans, […]

red squirrel

Keeping an Eye Out

There is no question it’s important for squirrels, birds and other wildlife to have access to food and shelter in order to keep themselves sustained throughout the cold, winter months. In this photo it appears this red squirrel is definitely keeping an eye out for something. Maybe it’s found a new nest or burrow. Perhaps […]

bald eagle

Bald Eagle

This majestic bald eagle earns today’s Biofriendly Image of the Day. Such a beautiful bird, and one which is thankfully moving further and further away from the brink of extinction. In fact, states all across the US continue to report the comeback of the bald eagle. So, in honor of Independence Day, and the fact […]

fisheye flower garden

Fisheye Flower Garden

Today’s Biofriendly Image of the Day goes to this fisheye flower garden. I don’t know about you, but to me, it’s almost like looking through a crystal ball to see into the future of what your garden may hold. If you want to make this future a reality this summer, you’ll need to unplug and […]

love birds

Love Birds

These two love birds earn today’s Biofriendly Image of the Day. Aren’t they sweet? I don’t know about you, but I can’t help but sit and admire their beautiful blue colors. Image by Charles Patrick Ewing | Used with permission via the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommerical-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic license.

Yellow-Naped Parrot

Hey pretty bird! While this particular bird probably isn’t too interested in getting a cracker, it does get today’s image of the day. Let us introduce you to the Amazona Auropalliata, also known as a yellow-naped Amazon or yellow-naped parrot. These birds are traditionally found in Mexico and Central America. They are known for having […]