Biofriendly image of the day, Classic windmill

Classic Windmill

With all of the talk of renewable energy, we couldn’t resist this image of a classic windmill in Malmö, Sweden for our biofriendly image of the day. With such a brilliant blue and clear sky and all of the artistry put into the shot, we felt the need to feature it.

4 Ways to Combat Air Pollution As Summer Heats Up

Image by Joe Wolf / Creative Commons Sweltering temperatures across the globe have not only been getting people down physically, but mentally as well. You have probably noticed, when the temperatures are at their hottest, you seem to feel the effects of the smog and air pollution a lot more. Of course that doesn’t quite […]

Environmental Air Quality and Your Health

One thing that we don’t always think about as we go through each day is the quality of the air in the environment around us. Unless the air quality is extremely poor, we usually don’t worry about it or at least don’t pay attention to it. But there are many different things that contribute to […]