Ice and Fire

An aerial photo above a crowd gathered on ice to witness a volcanic eruption in Iceland shows our Earth’s beautiful contrast of ice and fire.

Mossy lava fields

One of the most spectacular moss blankets in the world is located on the southern coast of Iceland, over the Eldraun Lava Field.

Front row

An active volcano viewed by two tiny silhouettes in Fagradalsfjall, Iceland by photographer Signefotar.

Lava dome

Captured in 1969 at the Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii, this incredibly rare symmetrical dome of lava is 65-feet high.

Volcano lightning

A picture so perfect it’s hard to believe that it’s real, but the image was captured in 2015 in Chile by photographer Francisco Negroni.

Inside a Lava Cave

This is a real life image peering inside of a lava cave in Kalapana, Hawaii taken in 2011 by photographer Leigh Hilbert. Such a rare glimpse into Earth’s magma core.

Fuego Volcano

The Volcán de Fuego (Fuego Volcano) in Guatemala is an active volcano that erupts quite frequently. From what we’ve been able to glean from the internet comments about this image, it was taken in early December when the volcano was erupting consistently every 25-45 minutes.