An In-Depth Look at Beavers

Beavers are our furry, eco-friendly engineers on this planet. Their network of dams keep land irrigated, maintain water quality and ecosystem health, and even sequester carbon! This week on The Biofriendly Podcast we examine the beaver from every angle, share how crucial they are for the environment, and even receive a box of pies in the middle of the show. You don’t want to miss this episode! 

The Truth About Halloween Animals

From vampire bats to lurking black cats, Halloween has a handful of animals that surround the spooky season. On this week’s Biofriendly Podcast we say ‘Nevermore!’ when it comes to silly superstitions, share some fun animals facts, and explain why you need a rice crispies group of friends.

Slow swim lane

Slow and steady wins the swim? The pygmy three-toed sloth exists solely on a single island, Escudo de Veraguas, off the coast of Panama.


The American Oystercatcher survives almost exclusively on shellfish, but what a name to live up to if they are lousy at oystercatching! Because of this specialized diet, they only live in a small ecological zone of salt-marshes and barrier beaches.

Yakety Yak

The rare Tibetan White Yak is a majestic creature that thrives at the highest altitudes and looks like something out of Sesame Street.

False killer whale

Yes, the false killer whale is a real species of oceanic dolphin that reaches a maximum length of 6 m (20 ft). The name comes from the similar skull characteristics of the killer whale (Orcinus orca).

Goth flamingo

“It’s not a phase, dad.” – we imagine being said by this black flamingo, which might be one of the only one in the world, spotted along the salt lake at the Akrotiri environmental center on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus.

Nature… You Scary!

It’s the spooky season once again, and Mother Nature has cooked up quite a few scares of her own on this week’s episode of The Biofriendly Podcast. From gigantic flowers that smell like rotting flesh to blood-soaked vacation spots in the Arctic, we explore some of the most horrific natural occurrences around the world that just might be caused by… faeries?!

Last laugh

Thanks to movies like the Lion King, the cackle and smile of hyenas will always seem sinister. This great photo was taken by Will Burrard-Lucas in Zambia.

O Lórax?

Emperor tamarins found in areas of Brazil could actually be the real Lorax?!