Weekly Greens – August 13th

Image by Viola Aragon It’s that time of the week again. Time to do a simple recap of some of the green or environmentally-oriented articles I found of particular interest during the past week. As usual, this is not even close to everything I discovered or learned about this week, but it is a few […]

Weekly Greens – July 30th

Image by Constantin B. With all the information that comes across your plate during a typical week (hmmm…does anyone really have a typical week?!), how are you supposed to remember it all. It’s sometimes hard to sort through everything or even remember some of the educational, green, informative and/or purely entertaining data you came across. […]

Weekly Greens – July 16th

Image by las – initially There are so many awesome green articles and blogs out there, that I decided I’d like to share just a few of the ones I found useful, creative and/or informative. Therefore I’m doing a ‘weekly greens’ post for you in the hopes that you might read something new, find a […]

Air Pollution and Your Health

Image by biofriendly If you live in or around any major city you are more than likely having to deal with some form of air pollution on a daily basis. There are many sources of air pollution: vehicle emissions, manufacturing, factories, cigarettes, aerosol sprays, airplanes, wood burning or gas stoves/fireplace, just to name a few. It […]