Green Wings Award Winner, the tide and rocks that shaped this brick.

Nature Always Wins | Green Wings Award

Congratulations to the rocks and tide in this quiet coastal town for shaping this broken chunk out of a brick wall into a classic ocean stone. Given a few more years we can only imagine how much more smooth and perfectly round the brick rock will become. You do what you Mother Nature and congratulations […]

Renewable Energy, Solar and the Ultimate Power of the Sun

Image by Mike Behnken / Creative Commons I have seen a number of posts recently pertaining to famous quotes on a variety of different topics. One post I haven’t seen, however, is something about renewable energy, solar and the power of the sun. So, I figured why not put one together? In honor of both […]

Ocean waves at high tide by Horizon2035 via Flickr

Tidal Energy

It seems like almost every day a new type of renewable energy resource is popping up. Especially in the wake of an incident such as the recent Gulf Oil Spill, renewable energies like wind, solar and even tidal power are gaining more and more interest. So, let’s take a look at tidal energy for a moment.