Cloud whisper

While it is quite possible that this photo has been manipulated to look this way, it’s a beautiful sight to see a cloud that appears to be whispering something to the Earth. What would it say?

Thunderstorm from above

A spectacular view at 37,000 feet above, a thunderstorm rages over the Pacific Ocean like an atomic bomb.

Wave of clouds

No, it’s not Photoshop. This image is a real photograph of a cloud formation over Minnesota that looks exactly like the ocean waves.

Beam me up!

While it may seem like an alien abduction, these light pillars form when the reflection of light from tiny ice crystals are suspended in the atmosphere. Photo taken in Alaska.

Whale hello there

It’s another hump day, so what better picture than a cloud shaped like a Humpback whale in the sky? Photo taken somewhere over Texas.

Mountain blanket

This lenticular cloud could be easily confused for a UFO in the sky, but we like to imagine this mountain just needs a fluffy warm blanket.

Rainbow fire

These colorful flames in the sky are actually an optical phenomenon known as a circumhorizontal arc. 

We are being watched

This amazing cloud formation is called a Fallstreak Hole, and it appears when a cloud’s water droplets freeze into ice crystals which grow large enough to fall below the cloud layer. Taken in Wonthaggi, Australia.

Cloudy with a chance of beauty

It looks as though the sky is exploding, but this amateur photograph taken by Laura Rowe was a real storm over West Texas.

snow covered net

Peaking Through the Snowy Sky | Green Wings Award

Peaking up through this snowy sky towards the blue sky above may seem a little ominous, but it’s pretty cool too. Apparently this is what it looks like when the snow covered net roof in the aviary at the Munich Zoo begins to thaw. Either that or Katniss Everdeen has just broken through the dome […]