Elephant rock

A portion of the volcano-formed coast on Heimaey, Iceland, looks exactly like the head of an elephant sticking its trunk in the water.

King Kong rock

A rock formation that looks like a gigantic gorilla in Langkawi’s Kilim Karst Geoforest Park, Malaysia. Could this be the real Skull Island?

Where Popsicles Are Grown

The Paria River Canyon in Utah looks beautiful and delicious!

Monster Rock

Watch out! These treacherous waters might just swallow you whole!

Hexagonal Rocks

While it appears as though someone has hand-cut these interlocking hexagonal shapes at Giant’s Causeway in Ireland, they are in fact a natural phenomenon that occurs when rapidly cooling lava contracts at different cooling rates. This process is what leads to the formation of hexagonal basalt columns.

Rare Coyamito Agate

Absolutely beautiful and rare Coyamito Agate from Chihuahua, Mexico, which is the only place in the world they are found! The formation of Agate is most often from deposition of layers of silica filling voids in volcanic vesicles or other cavities. The layers form in stages with some of new layers providing an alternating color.

The Hopewell Rocks of New Brunswick

Mother Nature is often the greatest sculptor of them all. The Hopewell Rocks, also called the Flowerpots Rocks or simply The Rocks, are rock formations caused by tidal erosion in New Brunswick, Canada. They stand 40–70 feet tall.

sun behind the trees

Sun Behind the Trees

Today’s Image of the Day goes to this stunning photo of the sun’s rays shining through and around the trees along this ocean path in Maine. It’s almost as if we’re being called to get outdoors and go on an adventure in nature to see everything this area has to offer. We hope each of […]

Rock Formation

Rock Formation

Breathtaking rock formation in Lower Antelope Canyon – Page Arizona.