Falling colors

A rainbow rises from the mist of the lower falls of Yellowstone’s grand canyon.

Rainbow or planet?

This perfectly captured photo of an unbroken rainbow in the sky looks like it could be a nearby planet.

Rainbow fire

These colorful flames in the sky are actually an optical phenomenon known as a circumhorizontal arc. 

We are being watched

This amazing cloud formation is called a Fallstreak Hole, and it appears when a cloud’s water droplets freeze into ice crystals which grow large enough to fall below the cloud layer. Taken in Wonthaggi, Australia.

Lightning Versus Rainbow

With this image that looks straight out of a superhero movie, we can only assume some great heavenly battle is taking place as a lightning bolt crashes dramatically against a rainbow. .



If you’re like most people, as soon as the sun comes out on a rainy day, you’re looking for a rainbow. What’s cool about the angle of this particular image is it almost makes it look as if the town below is encapsulated inside a rainbow dome. Kind of magical. It is for this reason, […]

ocean rainbow

Rainbow Over the Ocean

Today’s Biofriendly Image of the Day goes to this rainbow settled over the ocean. While the beauty of the Bahamas is enough in itself, this rainbow touching down over the water serves to remind us of the importance of ocean cleanup. With the recent efforts being taken to remove all of the plastic and other […]

Waterfall McArthur

Welcoming Waterfall

This welcoming waterfall is today’s Biofriendly Image of the Day. Found in McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park, doesn’t this place just call out to you? I mean, it even has a rainbow at the bottom of the falls. How can you pass that up?! It seems like a great place to visit and, even better is, […]

No Rain No Rainbow

No Rain, No Rainbow

A beautiful shot of a double rainbow over a rain washed road with beautiful green trees. Nature can be something, can’t it?