traffic on freeways

How the Automotive Industry Influences the Environment and What You Can Do About It

Needing to own a car can cause quite a dilemma when you know how it influences the environment. Manufacturing, use and recycling of cars all have an impact. But thanks to clean automotive technologies and growing awareness among car manufacturers and users, there are ways for both you as a car owner, and for industry […]


Hanging in the Trees

How can you not love this sweet face?! Doesn’t this orangutan look like it’s having a great time hanging out in the trees of this National Park in North Sumatra, Indonesia? We think so and that’s why this orangutan photo is today’s image of the day. We also think it’s important we each do our […]

oil palm plantation

What is the Problem with Palm Oil? Why Should We Care?

The most widely used vegetable oil in the world is palm oil which is produced from the fruits of trees called African oil palms. It’s a globally-traded agricultural commodity that’s used on so many different consumer products. It’s so vital a commodity that 50% of the products you’ll find in a supermarket contain palm oil! […]