What was that?

Owls can rotate their necks a maximum of 270 degrees without breaking blood vessels or tearing tendons, which makes for pretty intimidating looks.

Fist bump

A moment captured between a pair of great horned owls which could be tender, friendly or the calm before a brawl between these avian apex predators.

What a hoot

A tiny owl begrudgingly takes shelter under a mushroom during the rain and appears. Photo by Tanja Brandt.

Who’s There?

This owl’s camouflage with this tree is absolutely amazing!

Snowy Owl Imposter

“This snowy owl looks sus.” The expression on this snowy owl’s face looking at this other imposter owl made out of snow is priceless.

Barn Owl

Today’s Biofriendly Image of the Day goes to this little barn owl. Although he (or she) is just hanging out on this tree branch, maybe taking a nap or contemplating it’s next move, the image is a true reminder of the beauty of nature. So peaceful, so beautiful and definitely worth protecting. Image by Nigel […]