A bit chilly out

A Muskox in heavy wind and snow in Norway by photographer Steffen Johnsen. Incredible to see any species built to tolerate such extreme conditions.

Wave shaped rock

While it may look like a sculpture of E.T., this rock in Norway has been shaped by thousands of years of water erosion.

High chair

The Trolltunga rock formation in Norway is a popular tourist attraction for pictures like these, but we are not sure we would be brave enough to take this seat.

Svalbard Solar Eclipse

A team of solar physicists gathered in Svalbard, Norway to study coronal mass ejections and were able to capture this image of a solar eclipse in 2015.

The Biofriendly Podcast - Episode 52 - Biofriendly Meets @ThatNorwegianNomad

Biofriendly Meets @ThatNorwegianNomad

This week on The Biofriendly Podcast we welcome our special guest, Christoffer, also known as @thatnorwegiannomad on Instagram! As a world traveler, Christoffer shares his personal insights on the impacts of aviation, sustainable travel solutions and the unwritten rules of passenger behavior on a flight!

hiking in the mountains

First Day Hike

Today’s Biofriendly Image of the Day goes to this photo of two people hiking near Slogen in Norway. Not only is the scenery and view beyond stunning, but the picture completely makes you want to follow these two right up the mountain. Even if you can’t get to Norway, start your New Year off right […]

Welcome to Luster

Welcome to Luster

Welcome to Luster, Norway. (I wonder why they call it that?) Anyone else want to book a trip to an idyllic spot in the Northern half of Europe? Just wondering.

Biofriendly Image of the Day, Stick Support

Stick Support

Sometimes in the winter you need to dock your boat. In Norway, they use stick support. Our biofriendly image of the day features this cool wooden boat that has been propped up on the shore of this snowy river for the winter.