Life finds a way

A lonely tree that stands at around 10-15 feet tall grows on the side of Stone Mountain State Park in North Carolina.

Met Gala bug

The Saturniidae Moth Caterpillar is a spectacular sight to behold and appears to be the most colorful and fancy caterpillar on Earth.

Hitchhiking flowers

While we can imagine a story where these sunflowers are thumbing their way across the country, the Helianthus annuus can easily sprout through cracks in asphalt.

Wall of green

A living wall flourishes along the side of a building in Madrid, Spain. A beautiful sight to behold and a vision of our cities in the future.

Moses bridge

An extensive renovation of the Fort de Roovere in the Netherlands has taken on the name “The Moses Bridge”, as it appears to divide the moat’s waters.

Bamboo avenue

Daniel Kordan, a photographer for National Geographic, captured this tranquil moment in Arashiyama bamboo forest.

Nature put in a pool

An abandoned building somewhere in Japan is completely overgrown with plant life and now a rooftop oasis.

Building Around a 333 Year Old Tree | Green Wings Award

It’s always wonderful to see a great reverence for nature when constructing buildings around them. A now aged 333-year-old Calabrian pine tree grows through the foundation of a four story building located in Turkey’s western province of Manisa. We have to give our beloved Green Wings award to both the architects of the building and […]

Roller Coaster Overgrowth

A somewhat eerie and incredible sight in Japan from photographer Shane Thoms, who captured this overgrown roller coaster at the now abandoned Nara Dreamland.

The Biofriendly Podcast - Episode 57 - The Earth On Quarantine

The Earth On Quarantine

As we all continue to adapt to life indoors, the planet is seeing less air pollution, clearer waters and wildlife returning to their habitats. On this week’s podcast, Noel and Jacob discuss the positive environmental changes from our quarantine and learn that Jacob knows everything about dolphins.