Weekly Greens – July 16th

Image by las – initially There are so many awesome green articles and blogs out there, that I decided I’d like to share just a few of the ones I found useful, creative and/or informative. Therefore I’m doing a ‘weekly greens’ post for you in the hopes that you might read something new, find a […]

What is Life Without the Green?

Well, Earth Day 2010 has come and gone. If you’re like many people you made some kind of change that day to show your support for Mother Earth. But, what did you take away from Earth Day? Did you take away a new viewpoint on “going green”? Are you planning on making any green changes […]

Environmental Extremes

No matter what your viewpoints are on the environment relating to climate change or global warming, the fact of the matter is we live on a planet that is over 4 billion years old. A planet that has a core temperature estimated to be between 4000 and 7000 degrees Celsius (approx. 7000-12500 degrees Fahrenheit). A […]