Udder beauty

Photographer Paola Paris snapped this photo of a cow wandering far away from the herd to enjoy a snack and a scenic view from the Aran Islands in Galway, Ireland.

Starlings in the Shape of a Bird

This image of starlings in murmation forming the shape of a bird might possibly be the frontrunner for photo of the year in 2021. Taken by photographer James Crombie over Lough Ennel, Co. Westmeath was featured on the cover of Irish Times this very morning (March 4, 2021).

Hexagonal Rocks

While it appears as though someone has hand-cut these interlocking hexagonal shapes at Giant’s Causeway in Ireland, they are in fact a natural phenomenon that occurs when rapidly cooling lava contracts at different cooling rates. This process is what leads to the formation of hexagonal basalt columns.