Bendy straw

Nature can be playful as photographer Aaditya Bhat captured this coiled vine delivering a drop of water to this thirsty ant. Amazing to think of all the wonders happening just below our feet.

Don’t Kill That Spider!

We all know that arachnophobia is a real fear, but it’s important to learn more about our eight-legged friends and how important they are to our environment! This week we unraveled the web of lies around some spider myths, shared non-lethal techniques to send them packing, and why Jacob has a built-in deterrent that drives spiders and Noel insane.

Don’t kill that spider | Tuesday Tip

Although they often give us the creeps, spiders are oftentimes the most important biological control of pests in and around homes, yards, gardens and crops.

Emoji eggs

While it may appear that this is where emojis are grown, these insect eggs are far from pleasant as they come from invasive stink bugs.

Peloton Mantis

Such a perfect picture for National Bike Month! This praying mantis is pedaling hard on a fiddlehead fern.

Caterpillar Feet

At first glance you might think this is a gloved-hand holding a stuck, but this close-up picture of a Tobacco Hornworm caterpillar’s feet by Tonya Wilhelm gives us a clear view of the suction cup-like structures to help it cling to branches and vegetation. .

Baby Bees

Ever wonder what a brood of baby worker bees look like? This micro image gives us a glimpse as to how they look in this stage of development. .

Golden Beetle

What if you reached down to grab what looked like a nugget of pure gold and it scurried away? This is the Jewel Scarab Beetle, which physicists at the University of Exeter have recently discovered the origin of the insects’ striking metallic golden appearance, showing that the golden beetles have a unique optical signature. The […]

Finding Nemo Spider

This is the Maratus nemo, a new species of Australian Peacock Spider discovered by Museums Victoria arachnologist, Joseph Schubert. Named after Pixar’s Finding Nemo for its clownfish coloring, this little jumping spider is about the size of a grain of rice.

Orchid Mantis

This elusive type of praying mantis (Hymenopus coronatus) has evolved look like a flower to lure in its prey. This Orchid Mantis can be found in rainforests of Southeast Asia and Indonesia.