Ice and Fire

An aerial photo above a crowd gathered on ice to witness a volcanic eruption in Iceland shows our Earth’s beautiful contrast of ice and fire.

Mossy lava fields

One of the most spectacular moss blankets in the world is located on the southern coast of Iceland, over the Eldraun Lava Field.

Rauðfoss waterfall

Rauðfoss waterfall, or Red waterfall in Iceland, got its name from the berg behind the waterfall that is a reddish orange. Rauðfoss is an Icelandic word that uses the ‘Eth’ letter from Old English.

Elephant rock

A portion of the volcano-formed coast on Heimaey, Iceland, looks exactly like the head of an elephant sticking its trunk in the water.

Front row

An active volcano viewed by two tiny silhouettes in Fagradalsfjall, Iceland by photographer Signefotar.

Trust me

We’ve all heard of a sly fox before, but the Arctic Fox in this photograph taken somewhere in Iceland is definitely up to some trouble.

Ice cave wave

A awe-inspiring view of an ice cave in Iceland that appears as though you are standing inside a massive wave.


This stunning photo of Kirkjufell Mountain in Iceland creates the perfect mirror image in the water.