Look here, pal

Photographer Luis Alcivar captured this intense stare-down from a chestnut-breasted coronet, which is a species of hummingbird. Can I speak to the manager?


Hummingbird Break

Whatever you’re doing, stop. It’s time for a hummingbird break. If this colorful hummingbird can take a few moments to look around and enjoy the beauty of a Costa Rican rain forest preserve, you can take a break too. In fact, taking short breaks throughout the day can be extremely beneficial to your health and […]

moth as hummingbird

Moth As Hummingbird | Green Wings Award

Nature always seems to have its little surprises. If you didn’t know any better, you’d probably chalk this up as another photo of a hummingbird feeding on a flower. It’s not though…it’s a moth that looks like a hummingbird. Pretty sneaky, right? So, for faking us out, in a good way, this moth earns our […]