New phone, who dis?

A Japanese macaque gets ahold of an abandoned cell phone at the hot springs which makes for a rather hilarious photo opportunity.

What to Watch in 2021 with Shawn Kohne

The Holiday tradition continues as we bring back friend of the podcast, Shawn Kohne to help wrap up 2021 with a Top 10 list of entertainment in 2021 made our spirits bright! Shawn shares some exciting new discoveries, Noel admits he has one episode left of every show, and Jacob ruins any chance we have of making a movie with Tom Hanks.

Hide n seek champion

Where is that elephant? You’d think we’d be able to spot them easily, but it turns out they are pretty good at hiding.


A family of three polar bears stand and look together at something in the distance. Instead of Goldilocks, this just might be Coldilocks frozen in a block of ice.

Udder beauty

Photographer Paola Paris snapped this photo of a cow wandering far away from the herd to enjoy a snack and a scenic view from the Aran Islands in Galway, Ireland.

Rough night?

We’ve all been there. You wake up with an eagle wondering what exactly you, a bear, are doing asleep in the tree.

Need a hug?

We all have days where we want to huddle up in a sad little ball like this pepper here. Need a hug?


A hiker might imagine they’ve stumbled across a real-life Jurassic Park at the first sight of this tree in the shape of a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Can you hear me now?

While this Impala might not necessarily be hard of hearing, it sure looks like this Oxpecker has something to say.


We love this photo taken by photographer Eric Smith where the whale watchers are hilariously missing the main attraction popping up right behind them.