Frozen methane

Lake Baikal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Russia, is the world’s largest (by volume), oldest, and deepest lake, containing over 20% of the world’s fresh water. The lake is also a vast storehouse of frozen methane bubbles.

Peace and quiet

If you stare at this photo for a moment, you can almost experience the calm stillness of this solitary duck swimming across Blessington Lakes in Ireland.

Frozen Van Gogh

The swirling, circular patterns seen here on Mirror Lake in New Hampshire are reminiscent of a certain Dutch post-impressionist painter.

Frost Covered Bison

Taken in Yellowstone National Park in the USA, photographer Tom Murphy braved the harsh conditions at 35 below zero in order to capture this magnificent shot.

Fall Frozen

Fall Frozen

This is what happens when the leaves of Fall get frozen in the ice.

Breaking the Ice

Breaking the Ice

When the level of the is high, then the winter cold, this can happen. Amazingly enough, there are plants that have evolved to survive it.

Frozen Waves, Biofriendly Image of the Day

Frozen Waves

Today’s Biofriendly image features what looks like frozen waves. Called ‘Ice Sculptures In the Making’ by photographer Béatrice Karjalainen, this image shows the slow freeze of water as it is pushed from the lake to the shore. It’s interesting how the constant flow of the tide make a similar shape whether with liquid water or frozen.