Combating Indoor Air Pollution in Summer

During the summer months when the weather gets warm, many people tend to close their windows, shut their doors and turn on their air conditioning, fans or swap coolers in an effort to stay cool. While this may seem like a good idea, the EPA reports air pollutants indoors are often two to five times higher than the […]

Environmental Hazards: Where Toxins May Be Hiding

In the past few years we have become hauntingly aware of the fact that environmental hazards can be found all around us. Some of these hazards can come in the form of clearly-labelled poisonous chemicals, harmful toxins and other potentially dangerous substances. Other toxins may be a little less obvious. Either way, both types are […]

Kids Setting Their Sights on an Eco-Friendly Future (w/Videos)

One of the greatest things about kids is they aren’t loaded down with reasons why things can’t be done. They have positive attitudes and are interested in making the world more eco-friendly just because it makes sense to do so.

Weekly Greens – August 21st

Image by dorena-wm Sorry I’m little late on my ‘Weekly Greens’ edition for this week. I spent the last few days visiting with out-of-town family. It was very nice to catch up and enjoy some quality time with them. Since I’m back now, let’s get caught up on everything from eco inventions to car-sharing tips […]

Red Tape and Environmental Disasters Don’t Mix

Image by USFWS/Southeast Red tape….you’re probably familiar with the term and may even have first-hand experience on the bureaucratic nightmare that accompanies it. But one thing is for sure, when it comes to environmental disasters, there is no room for red tape! Unfortunately that is what the people that live in Gulf Coast cities and […]