Cloud whisper

While it is quite possible that this photo has been manipulated to look this way, it’s a beautiful sight to see a cloud that appears to be whispering something to the Earth. What would it say?

Thunderstorm from above

A spectacular view at 37,000 feet above, a thunderstorm rages over the Pacific Ocean like an atomic bomb.

Wave of clouds

No, it’s not Photoshop. This image is a real photograph of a cloud formation over Minnesota that looks exactly like the ocean waves.

Unidentified Fluffy Object

A lenticular cloud over Iceland forms into a shape that is truly out of this world! Could this be spaceship camouflage?

Storm brewing

A tropical storm brews in this beautiful but haunting photo taken from a hotel balcony at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Whale hello there

It’s another hump day, so what better picture than a cloud shaped like a Humpback whale in the sky? Photo taken somewhere over Texas.

Mountain blanket

This lenticular cloud could be easily confused for a UFO in the sky, but we like to imagine this mountain just needs a fluffy warm blanket.

Rainbow fire

These colorful flames in the sky are actually an optical phenomenon known as a circumhorizontal arc. 

We are being watched

This amazing cloud formation is called a Fallstreak Hole, and it appears when a cloud’s water droplets freeze into ice crystals which grow large enough to fall below the cloud layer. Taken in Wonthaggi, Australia.

Cloudy with a chance of beauty

It looks as though the sky is exploding, but this amateur photograph taken by Laura Rowe was a real storm over West Texas.