24 Eco-Friendly Habits Worth Adopting

Although we may not always want to admit it, many of us can very easily become creatures of habit. Whether your particular habit relates to how you get ready in the morning, how you get to work, what you eat, how you perform work-related tasks, how you relate to others, what materials you use to […]

Tips for Greening Your Thanksgiving

Image by Stu Smith / Creative Commons Thanksgiving is upon us. While some consider the day as a holiday to take time off work, enjoy a hearty meal, and spend time with family, Thanksgiving can and does mean so much more. With the state of the world, and the environment in the condition it is […]

5 Simple Things You Can Do To Be More Biofriendly Today

Image by Richard0 Now I’m not going to be talking about things like going out and buying a new hybrid or getting rid of your car by donating it to a good cause (although you could do those things).  I’m talking about simple things anyone and everyone can do today to be a little more biofriendly or […]