Chocolate Hills

The Chocolate Hills of Bohol in the Philippines were uniquely formed by the uplift of coral deposits followed by rainwater erosion. At the end of the dry season, the famous hills earn their name when the grass turns from green to brown. 

False killer whale

Yes, the false killer whale is a real species of oceanic dolphin that reaches a maximum length of 6 m (20 ft). The name comes from the similar skull characteristics of the killer whale (Orcinus orca).

Frozen Van Gogh

The swirling, circular patterns seen here on Mirror Lake in New Hampshire are reminiscent of a certain Dutch post-impressionist painter.

Sweet nectar

Oh sweet nectar from above for this hungry snail in an adorable macrophotography moment by Vyacheslav Mishchenko.

Surprised caterpillar

The tiniest caterpillar looks up at the camera in complete surprise. We see a Disney movie in the making.

Ice tree

Proving once again that Mother Nature is an artist, this waterfall in China has frozen into the shape of a pine tree.


Photographer Stefan Scorno timed this picture perfectly as a Belted Galloway stood directly in front of a snowy slope in the distance.

Pretty deadly

The Portuguese man o’ war, or man-of-war, is a highly venomous open ocean predator that superficially resembles a jellyfish but is actually a siphonophore. The sting is deadly to smaller fish and incredibly painful to humans.

Spring water

A droplet of water captures the lush green forest that surrounds it like nature’s snow globe.

Fast food

A bald eagle expertly snatches a fish out of water and flies away with a meal in tow in this fantastic photo captured by Kurt Wecker.