Photographer Jordan Robins was able to capture the bioluminescent algae lighting up the shoreline in Jervis Bay, Australia.

Mossy lava fields

One of the most spectacular moss blankets in the world is located on the southern coast of Iceland, over the Eldraun Lava Field.

Golden child

A golden baby Cat Ba langur, also known as the golden-headed langur, sits next to its mother. A Cat Ba langur is a critically endangered species endemic to Cát Bà Island, Vietnam. Photograph by Thomas Vijayan.

Nature is lit

The exact moment lightning strikes a tree captured in June 2022 by Debbie Parker in Hardy County, West Virginia.


Strutting along with purpose, this Black crake has a wide gait that could use a cool soundtrack.

Rauðfoss waterfall

Rauðfoss waterfall, or Red waterfall in Iceland, got its name from the berg behind the waterfall that is a reddish orange. Rauðfoss is an Icelandic word that uses the ‘Eth’ letter from Old English.

No swimming

Those aren’t fireflies! A bright flash from a camera reveals a horde of alligators lurking in the Everglades.

Giraffe Xing

Not a common sight to see in most parts of the world, but in Namibia you might experience giraffes casually crossing the road.


Photographer Cantay Gök perfectly captured this pair of Oryx peering back in unison in front of an African sunset.

The Bubbles

When visiting Jordan Pond in the Acadia National Park in Maine, you will spot two prominent hills on the horizon known as The Bubbles.