Just wading around

Taken in Kaziranga, India by Kunal Gupta, this precious photo was one of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Award Finalists in 2020.

Baby Tortoise on Mom’s Head

This 140-year-old African spurred tortoise has one of her 5-day-old babies hitching a ride on top of her head. After being placed on its mother’s head at Nyiregyhaza Animal Park in Hungary, photographer Attila Balazs was able to capture this cute moment. .

The Little Elephant That Could | Green Wings Award

Prepare to have your heart melt a little bit as you watch this baby elephant learning to walk. We can’t resist giving our Green Wings Award to this tenacious little fella who proves that when you fall down the only thing you can do is get back up and try again! Source unknown. Please feel […]


Penguins Huddling

Massive huddles of male Emperor penguins are crucial to keeping warm during Antarctica’s brutal winter. Here in this picture they gather around their baby chicks to keep them cozy and safe. It’s in our very nature to protect those who are unable to protect themselves.