Stick with me, kid

A lion cub named Cecil plays with Zahra, a four-week-old white lion cub who was rejected by her mother because of an infectious disease. Thankfully Zahra has fully recovered and is being raised by keepers at Magan zoo, in Felsőlajos, Hungary

Golden child

A golden baby Cat Ba langur, also known as the golden-headed langur, sits next to its mother. A Cat Ba langur is a critically endangered species endemic to Cát Bà Island, Vietnam. Photograph by Thomas Vijayan.

Hi, Mom

A Sandhill Crane mother sits patiently as her baby, which is called a “colt,” roosts on her head. Colts learn to fly after about two months and stay with their parents for nearly a year. This photograph was the Amateur Award Winner in the 2021 Audubon Photography Awards by Robin Ulery.

Good morning

A cute silver fox gets right underneath the parent’s snout in this candid photograph by Tin Man Lee which won the Wildlife Category of Nature’s Best Photography in the 2018 Windland Awards.

Mud bath

A baby Bushpig wades in a pool of mud. When fully grown, the Bushpigs of Africa would not be considered cute animals by any means, but we have to say this little fella is adorable.

Baby dragon

This baby spectacled caiman crocodile has mesmerizing eyes and appears to be something directly out of a fantasy novel.

Stand out

In a world of stripes, stand out in the crowd with your own spots. Photographer Ratish Nair captured this unique rare polka-dotted zebra in Masai Mara, Kenya.


We’ve all heard of a dandelion, but a dande-mouse? Remarkable to see just how small a Eurasian harvest mouse can be!

What a hoot

A tiny owl begrudgingly takes shelter under a mushroom during the rain and appears. Photo by Tanja Brandt.

Drift to sleep

We’ve heard of a cat nap, but a duckling nap is even cuter than we imagined!