Biofriendlyblog’s Weekly Greens

Well, believe it or not we are already half way through February 2011. At this rate we’re going to blow right by spring cleaning and straight into biofriendly tips for summer before you know it. But before that happens, let’s get in this week’s Weekly Greens. Hope you enjoy! Image by sunshne954 1) A Quick […]

Sustainability vs. Profit: Who Wins?

When it comes to profits, most companies know they won’t go anywhere without money. But what about when it comes to sustainability? Can a company focus on sustainability and being green while still turning a profit? Or does it need to be one or the other? Besides, in a fight between sustainability and profit, who […]

Solar: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Solar energy is a hot topic these days. Solar power, along with other forms of alternative power, continue to gain popularity not only with individuals but with companies, governments, manufacturers, etc. You may be aware that global wind energy took a big jump in 2009.  And while that is a great and needed advance in the […]

10 Everyday Things That Produce Emissions

Every day you hear something about harmful emissions and the environment. However, what does that really mean to you and me? Does it mean we need to go “cold turkey” on emission-producing products? To be honest, probably not…considering that would be pretty hard to do. Let’s take a look though at 10 different everyday things […]

Keeping Your Solar Panels Working During the Winter

Many people have taken advantage of solar technology as it is a great source of alternative energy during the summer months when the sun is high in the sky.  But what about during the winter months?  Will your solar panels work the same during the winter?  What about if the panels get covered with snow? […]