Tree of life

An aerial photo of Lake Cakora in New South Wales, Australia by photographer Derry Moroney that strongly resembles a tree. The water is soaked by tea tree oils, which gives it the vibrant brown color.

Sakura tree

This sprawling Edo higan zakura cherry blossom tree is 330 years old and has been designated a Natural Monument by the city of Nirasaki, Japan.

Majestic Yak

A majestic Himalayan Yak stands on top of a mountain in Langtang National Park, Nepal.

Storm brewing

A tropical storm brews in this beautiful but haunting photo taken from a hotel balcony at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Cat fish?

Two fearsome jaguars bare their teeth as they swim underwater. Jaguars are known to jump in murky waters to attack their prey.

Perfect timing

A photographer captures the glowing red sunset hover just above a lighthouse on the coast, creating an dotted ‘i’ in a natural environment.


A leafhopper is the common name for any species from the family Cicadellidae. These minute insects, colloquially known as hoppers, are plant feeders that suck plant sap from grass, shrubs, or trees.

Go paperless | Tuesday Tip

Going paperless helps to reduce CO2 emissions. Turning a single tree into 17 reams of paper results in around 110 lbs of CO2 being released into the atmosphere. 

What is life?

The Black-tailed godwit is a large, long-legged, long-billed shorebird that measures 17 inches from bill to tail with a wingspan of 32 inches. This one appears to be having an existential crisis.


Przewalski’s horses, rare and critically endangered horses found in Mongolia, are the last truly wild horse.