Go your own way

In a herd of swans, be a duck! Taken in the Altai Republic, Russia by Eugene Mazurin.

Where chocolate meets nougat

Where the sand dunes meet the dry lake bed of Deadvlei in Namibia taken by photographer, Konsta Punkka.

Random Animal Generator

This spiral-horned antelope known as the Lowland Nyala looks like a combination of five different animals put together.

Cloudy with a chance of beauty

It looks as though the sky is exploding, but this amateur photograph taken by Laura Rowe was a real storm over West Texas.

When you nail that audition

Fantastic dance audition by this squirrel… 10 out of 10! Great jazz paws.

Who’s There?

This owl’s camouflage with this tree is absolutely amazing!

O Lórax?

Emperor tamarins found in areas of Brazil could actually be the real Lorax?!

So, the tree from Breath of the Wild is real?

The Socotra Dragon Tree or Dragon Blood Tree looks straight out of The Legend of Zelda. This Dragon Tree is native to the Socotra archipelago part of Yemen.

Let Your Game Console Sleep | Tuesday Tip

This goes out to all the gamers out there! Remember to let that console take a nap every now and then.

Where Popsicles Are Grown

The Paria River Canyon in Utah looks beautiful and delicious!