Concrete is no problem for this tomato plant.

Concrete? No problem for this tomato

This week’s Green Wings Award goes to the Tomato Plant growing out of the sidewalk by the bay. For this Tomato Plant, a sidewalk is not only a non-issue, it seems to be an ideal growing spot. Look at that fella thrive!

Fire Ants Surviving a Flood

Fire Ants in an Epic Flood

This week’s Green Wings Award goes to these Fire Ants who are floating above, and thereby surviving, the storm of the millennium in Houston, Texas. We always find it amazing how creative life can be when it comes to survival.  

Flower Growing out of the Road

Flower Growing out of the Road

This week’s Green Wings Award goes to the Flower Growing out of the Road. It’s not always easy to survive in a world that is increasingly covered with concrete and steel, but this little guy proves the words of Ian Malcolm from Jurassic Park when he said, “Life finds a way.” Congratulations, Flower Growing out […]

Green Wings Giraffe

Giraffes | Green Wings Award

In honor of World Giraffe Day, we humbly bestow this week’s Green Wings Award to Giraffes. Giraffes face a whole host of difficulties from habitat destruction to poaching. In fact, late last year Giraffes were moved to the list of vulnerable species by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. But as the Green […]

Gas Station with a Tree in It

The Tree in a Gas Station | Green Wings Award

This week’s shining example of “making it greener” goes to the tree in a gas station. You might think that the gas station owner should win the award since he did not remove the tree from the gas station during construction, but we disagree. The tree itself wins the award because it keeps making the world greener, even […]