Chess Board Cat

Chess Board Cat | Green Wings Award

It never ceases to be be amazing how Mother Nature manages to color and create such exotic looking inhabitants for her domain. This week’s Green Wings award to goes to the Chess Board Cat who not only looks fluffy and adorable in every way, but has managed to grow fur in a pattern that would […]

Green Wings Award Winner, the tide and rocks that shaped this brick.

Nature Always Wins | Green Wings Award

Congratulations to the rocks and tide in this quiet coastal town for shaping this broken chunk out of a brick wall into a classic ocean stone. Given a few more years we can only imagine how much more smooth and perfectly round the brick rock will become. You do what you Mother Nature and congratulations […]

Green Wings Award, The Girl Who Put Her Hand Next to Mothra

The Girl Who Put Her Hand Next to Mothra | Green Wings Award

In what could only be described as Australian, this biofriendly child volunteered to put her hand next to a Queensland moth so that her father could take this photo and share how big it is. For showing comfort and grace in front of Mothra, and for reminding us all that Australian children are braver than most […]

Green Wings Award Winner, The Pedal Powered Outlets

Pedal Powered Outlets | Green Wings Award

Congratulations to the pedal powered outlets at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam which have just won this week’s Green Wings Award! In an age where devices reign supreme, but the power that they consume remains an environmental concern – it is a pleasure to see such an elegant solution. Not only do these pedal powered outlets […]

Snow Blanket | Green Wings Award Winner

Snow Blanket | Green Wings Award

We find snow to be impressive no matter the day or what it happens to be doing. That being said, today’s Green Wings winner is a particularly impressive pile of snow by any definition. Congratulations to the SNOW THAT FELL AS A BLANKET for winning this week’s Green Wings Award! It wasn’t enough to just […]

The Wrapping Newspaper, Green Wings Award Winner

Wrapping Newspaper | Green Wings Award

Here at Biofriendly Planet we recommend the use of newspaper to wrap your gifts, it’s an environmentally conscious way to reuse existing paper and it keeps more trees in the ground where they are happiest. In that vein, we call attention to one particular page in the newspaper that gave itself colorful and pleasant designs […]

Concentric Circle Leaf, Green Wings Award Winner

Concentric Circle Leaf | Green Wings Award

After blowing around in the wind and the snow for a while, this incredible fallen leaf has managed to win this week’s Green Wings Award! Most leaves don’t get a chance to stick out and show their artistic talent, but the CONCENTRIC CIRCLE LEAF has just proven that you don’t need to be a mobile life […]

The Sneezing Foal

Sneezing Foal | Green Wings Award

Congratulations to this week’s Green Wings Award winner, THE FOAL WHO FELL FROM SNEEZING. This adorable Philly was just born and still figuring out her legs when she was surprised by a violent sneeze. A hump in the ground below proved to be too much for the inexperienced horse to negotiate and down she went. Thankfully […]

Fall in Red, Winner of the Green Wings Award.

Fall in Red | Green Wings Award

Congratulations to this week’s Green Wings Award Winner, Fall in Red Street! It’s always a beautiful thing to see autumn leaves change color this time of year, but bright red is especially nice. The thing that put it over the top though, was the neighborhood cars. Way to stay red street! Have a great fall and […]

Bees Making Honey in a Wall

Bees Making Honey in a Wall

Congratulations to the Bees Making Honey in a Wall who have won this week’s Green Wings Award. In a time when some bees are dealing with species endangerment, it is a relief to see that some enterprising hives have found a way to succeed. Even if it is in the wall of a human home. […]