Solvair is Truly Green, Plus it Really Cleans

  Image from  Many months ago I blogged about dry cleaning chemicals and the need to ensure the dry cleaner you are using actually does use green and/or eco-friendly cleaning solvents (as many promote they do, but actually don’t).   Recently, Brandon from Nu Yale Cleaners tipped me off to the Solvair process which is promoted […]

Real fuel economy at two cents a mile

  Image from You may have seen it or at least something like it, but Chrysler’s new fuel economic car is quickly drawing attention all across the country.  Aptly named the “Peapod”, Chrysler’s new car may be small, but when it comes to fuel economy it is anything but that.  Requiring only about two […]

Can you help the environment by using

  Image by jaycross  You’ve probably seen their trucks driving around or at least seen their commercials…but did you know that when you use to pick up your junk it is better for the environment than just tossing it yourself?  Why?  Because unlike other junk removal services, tries to recycle or donate as […]