Simple Ways to Improve Fuel Economy – Part 1

In my last blog I mentioned the need to reduce fuel consumption. I realized after writing this that I should probably give you a few simple ways that this can be done. Obviously I think that using Biofriendly’s Green Plus is a good start, but I promised not to peddle the product too much so I will stop with that statement there… for now. Instead, I will give the first other way to improve fuel economy now and share others in future blogs.


To put it simply, the first way to improve your fuel economy is to drive slower. The reason that the national speed limit used to be 55 miles per hour on highways was not because the government thought it was necessarily safer, although on many highways it probably was, but because of fuel conservation. 55 miles per hour is, on many if not most cars, the optimal speed for your engine when it comes to using fuel. Any slower and you have a need to change gears and waste fuel that way, and any faster and your engine works harder and harder burning more fuel that way.


This is not to say that you have to drive 55 miles per hour to work every day, but if you normally drive 75 or 80 and you can bring it back to 65, you will notice a definite improvement at the pump, and reduce your personal contribution to global warming. I’ll have more for you all in the next blog, thanks for reading!

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