‘Fuel Efficiency and Alternative Fuels’ Polls Highest

According to this Trading Markets article, 37% of people polled in the U.S. believe that improving fuel efficiency and investing in alternative fuels should be given the highest priority for investment and development. The national survey, which was done by the Fairfax County (Virginia) Economic Development Authority (FCEDA), ranked ‘fuel efficiency and alternative fuels’ as […]

Los Angeles Auto Show Takes a Biofriendly Focus

The Los Angeles Auto Show started yesterday, revealing a commitment from carmakers to include a focus on the environment. Ford, General Motors, Chrysler and Honda contributed their visions for a future of biofriendly cars.  “Ford is committed to offering customers affordable, environmentally friendly technologies in vehicles they really want,” Alan Mulally said. “We are focusing […]

Environment Benefits More With Diesel Fuel And Hybrids

According to this Malaysia Sun article, a study was conducted which compared the benefits and costs of three alternatives to the standard internal combustion engine powered by gasoline.   The alternatives studied were the hybrid technology that combines gasoline and electricity, advanced diesel technology and E85 (a fuel which is made from 15% gasoline and 85% ethanol).  […]

Fresh Approach For A Biofriendly Car

If all the hype on the world’s environmental issues are driving you crazy, then here’s something to lighten things up – automotive innovation on a whole new level.  XP Vehicles have come up with the Whisper car – environmentally friendly and designed with safety in mind; the Whisper is an inflatable car!  There’s not a […]

The Many Uses of Oil Require Some Biofriendly Assistance

I was looking through different biofriendly and environmentally related articles and websites today when I came across one that had a really interesting page about the uses of oil. The information came from the Paleontological Research Institution. The web page has a picture on it with several “colored in” links that represent everyday things made from […]

GM Developing a More Biofriendly Engine

According to the Associated Press, General Motors is working on an engine that could be 15% more fuel efficient than the engines currently on the market. The press release says the following about GM’s biofriendly technology:   “The announcement comes as fuel economy has become an increasingly important issue as gasoline prices have risen. Foreign automakers have […]

More Biofriendly Fuel Economy Improvement Tips

I am going to list out a related group of fuel economy saving ideas (not including the use of Green Plus) really quickly on today’s blog. In the future I will share some other fuel saving ideas but for now, after this blog, I will take a break on this topic and get to some new […]

Simple Ways to Improve Fuel Economy – Part 1

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