Looking for better fuel economy…try the Transition

Image by loimere These days, ways to get better fuel economy are no longer tightly-kept secrets.  You can get a hybrid, get an electric vehicle, use a proven fuel additive, keep your tires properly inflated, drive smarter, etc.  The list could go on and on with each one assisting in getting better fuel economy. The […]

Fuel Economy: Learn what affects your MPG

  Image by jeffwilcox If you go onto any car lot you’ll find the estimated MPG right on the price sticker of each car.  Some people even use the MPG to help determine whether or not they want to buy that particular car – eg will it give them the fuel economy they are looking […]

L.A. will be seeing green with its new parking meters

  Image by biofriendly If you haven’t seen the new electronic parking meters being installed all across Los Angeles, they are a sight to behold.  Electronic parking meters are replacing 6,000 of the city’s 40,000 coin-operated machines and per The Los Angeles Sentinel , L.A. is expected to be seeing green…money that is…an additional $18 […]

Can fuel economy really be better with an older car?

  Image by rutlo When it comes to fuel economy, getting better gas mileage and being more environmentally-friendly with our vehicles these days, the question becomes which is smarter, continuing to drive your old car or replacing it with a model that gets higher mpg? I know opinions differ here and there are a variety […]

Your car’s biofriendly resolution for 2009

  Image by *davierae* Making New Year’s resolutions are part and parcel to ringing in the new year.  Like me, many people have probably made resolutions to be healthier, to set aside more money for the future, to spend more time with family, to do something biofriendly for the environment, to adopt an animal from […]

What is a liquid combustion catalyst?

  Image by biofriendly Fuel additives, fuel enhancers and many other products that promise lowered harmful emissions and better fuel economy may not be exactly what you are looking for.  If you really want to get results, what you need is an actual liquid combustion catalyst. First of all, what is a catalyst?  A catalyst […]

Carbon monoxide or other toxins in the home

  Image by dospaz The average person probably spends at least 8-9 hours in their home every day.  Please note, this average just factors in sleep time, it doesn’t include eating at home, working at home, spending time with the family at home, etc.  However, 8-9 hours a day is a lot of time….especially if […]

Economic and Environmental New Year’s Resolutions

  Image by tanakawho It’s getting close to that time of the year – time to make your New Year’s resolutions.  What kind of resolutions are you going to make this year?  Are you thinking about the economy and what you can do to ensure you become more economically sound?  Are you thinking about what […]

Fueling the economy

  Image by biofriendly When you think about fueling the economy, you may think stimulus package, lowering interest rates, controversial bailouts or many other variety of subjects found in the news these days.  But I’m talking literal…fuel. With gas prices continuing to drop, an important economic and environmental question is: Are people going to go back […]

Is there such a thing as fuel economy when it comes to RVing across America?

  Image by johnnrosenomads Without even thinking, we pretty much all know that when it comes to RVing across America in this day and age, we aren’t talking about fuel economy, we are talking luxury expense. It didn’t used to be that way.  RVing across America was a great way for families to travel – […]