Car Repairs: Biofriendly necessity or waste of money?

  Image by sylvar   Something happened the other day to a friend of mine that got me thinking, are car repairs and car maintenance a biofriendly necessity in this day and age or are they just a waste of money? As most of us know, new cars tend to come with a maintenance plan (or at […]

Real fuel economy at two cents a mile

  Image from You may have seen it or at least something like it, but Chrysler’s new fuel economic car is quickly drawing attention all across the country.  Aptly named the “Peapod”, Chrysler’s new car may be small, but when it comes to fuel economy it is anything but that.  Requiring only about two […]

EPA’s Clean Diesel Project giving away $300 million

  Image by mujitra (´???) on Flickr   I was doing some research on the EPA website as I wanted to get more information on the new CA laws just put into place to lower CO2 emissions.  But before I could even get that far a podcast with the title “Green Scene: Funding Available for Clean Diesel […]

Smart fortwo car is a green choice

Image by Randy Read  If you are in the market for a new car and want something that is “greener”, both for your wallet and for the environment, you really should check out a smart “fortwo” car. In terms of what it will cost you, smart fortwo cars start at around $11,990 for the pure […]

Fuel economy beaten by the cold

  I was reading a blog from autobloggreen that covered the effects of cold weather on the fuel economy in hybrid cars.  The tests that were done showed weather and/or climate could dramatically lower the fuel economy, sometimes by 5-10 mpg in cold weather areas. Now, like most people, I know there are a variety […]

Want better fuel economy….Go Metro LA

We are all trying to figure out how to get the best fuel economy and with gas prices going up again (at least they are in my area….went up $0.17 in less than a week), we need to find the best way to get where we need to go on a budget.  Now I know […]

Car Shipping: Better for the environment and your wallet

Image by altheengineer When you move across country, whether it’s moving to a new home or sending your kid off to college, one cost you can’t forget to factor in is the cost of getting your car across country.  Packing and moving your furniture is relatively simple – call a good moving company and you’re […]

Fast Food Fuel Economy, Good for Everyone

  Image by biofriendly I’m sure many of you have read articles or blogs about different restaurants or fast food places recycling their cooking oil and turning it into fuel to help save money and increase fuel economy on their vehicles. The Environmental Leader had a great article a few weeks ago about Carl’s Jr […]

Bio-fuels and Hybrids look out….Karma is coming!

Image by crazytales562  Bio-fuels used to be all the rage and in some cases, they still are.  Whether you are talking about ethanol made from corn or bio-fuels made from algae or anything in between, you are bound to drum up some interest.  Hybrids also peak interests and are still among the top eco-friendly cars, […]

CO2 Emissions: Tips to lower yours

  Image by biofriendly Can you really lower your CO2 emissions?  Well, the obvious answer is yes, of course.  But do you really know what will lower your emissions?  For example, will you produce less CO2 emissions by idling your car or by turning it off and on?  If your tires are under-inflated will that cause […]