‘Fuel Efficiency and Alternative Fuels’ Polls Highest

According to this Trading Markets article, 37% of people polled in the U.S. believe that improving fuel efficiency and investing in alternative fuels should be given the highest priority for investment and development.

The national survey, which was done by the Fairfax County (Virginia) Economic Development Authority (FCEDA), ranked ‘fuel efficiency and alternative fuels’ as the highest priority for investments (37%), followed by ‘medical’ at 30%, ‘environment’ at 14%; with the last 9% comprising of ‘security and defence’, ‘transportation’, ‘space exploration’ and ‘telecommunications and media’.

A similar survey undertaken in Great Britain found the same categories in the top three; ‘medical’ polled first at 38%, followed by ‘fuel efficiency and alternative fuels’ at 33% and ‘environment’ at 14% – the remaining 9% covering the remaining categories.

Although ‘environment’ polled third in both surveys, I wonder what the statistics would have shown if the survey asked what the motivating factor was for selecting ‘fuel efficiency and alternative fuels’?  The two greatest factors behind this category would surely be economics/performance and the environment.  After all, vehicle pollution is one of the biggest contributing factors to our environmental concerns.  Since we’re probably not too far from ‘drive-thru’ everything you can think of, the development of fuel efficiency and alternative fuels is clearly a very wise investment.

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