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Proven Ways to Encourage an Environmentally Conscious Workplace

Companies across the world are taking steps to reduce the impact their operations have on the environment. Alaska Airlines, Hyatt, and Starbucks have announced they will eliminate plastic straws to reduce plastic waste, and many more companies pledged not to serve meat products at their company functions, to raise awareness on the environmental impact of […]

Green Technology: Getting The Word Out

  Image by SanyamStudios Anything having to do with “going green” or green/clean technology is definitely a hot subject these days. Companies taking steps towards improving the environment, lessening their carbon footprint and promoting sustainable/eco-friendly living are what everyone wants to see and hear. It is so big in fact, that per the UN, it […]

Some Green Tax Credits You Should Know About

  Image by edgygrrrl With so much talk about going green and jump-starting the economy with green jobs, etc. one of the questions that comes to mind (now that we are heading into tax season) is what tax credits are available for people who did take that green step in 2008? Well, I’ll give you […]

Environmental Priorities for new EPA Administrator

  Image by biofriendly New EPA Administrator, Lisa Jackson, was sworn into office this week and as you can imagine, she has been tasked with a very important job when it comes to the environment.  I personally hope she does a GREAT job! If you aren’t familiar with the priorities she laid out for herself […]

Biofriendly hotels for 2009

  Image by NCinDC In the beginning of December I came across a great blog from Greenversations titled, “Celebrate the Environment: Check in to an ENERGY STAR Hotel to Check Out with Energy Savings”.  It was about finding and staying in ENERGY STAR hotels during the holidays.  I thought it was cool because finding an ENERGY […]

Economic and Environmental New Year’s Resolutions

  Image by tanakawho It’s getting close to that time of the year – time to make your New Year’s resolutions.  What kind of resolutions are you going to make this year?  Are you thinking about the economy and what you can do to ensure you become more economically sound?  Are you thinking about what […]

Economic woes give way to greener holidays

  Image  by nightthree In these trying economic times, many people are looking to the holidays to help lift their spirits, bring joy to their lives or just simply take their minds off their economic woes.  But what many don’t know is in most cases going simple also translates to going green. In talking with friends […]

Fueling the economy

  Image by biofriendly When you think about fueling the economy, you may think stimulus package, lowering interest rates, controversial bailouts or many other variety of subjects found in the news these days.  But I’m talking literal…fuel. With gas prices continuing to drop, an important economic and environmental question is: Are people going to go back […]