Here’s What You Can Do: International Climate Action Day

Image by Per Ola Wiberg (Powi) A few weeks ago I wrote my blog about Carbon Dioxide and International Climate Action Day.  But I decided today that rather than writing a blog about something else, I wanted bring your attention right back to International Climate Action Day – which for those of you who aren’t familiar with it, is tomorrow […]

The Latest Biofriendly Mode of Transportation

  Images from  When it comes to the form of transportation you use, would you consider yourself biofriendly?  Do you own a hybrid or electric vehicle? Do you bike to work, car-pool or take public transportation? Do you use proven fuel additives or biofuels? Do you walk whenever you can?  Well, no matter what you’ve done […]

Transportation: Cost and Environmental Pollution

  Image by biofriendly No matter what form of transportation you use, one of the key things you should factor in is cost to you and the environment.  How much does it cost to run that vehicle?  How much is your car polluting the air?  How much will a proven fuel additive help lower emissions […]

Biofriendly Tire Recycling

  Image by vagawi  Whenever you have tires that just don’t have any tread left on them it’s time to get rid of them.  But what happens to tires that are worn down or no longer able to be used effectively?  Is there a biofriendly way to recycle them?  What kinds of things can be made by recycling tires? First of all, before I […]

Want to Save Gasoline? Have Your Kid Become a Freiker!

  Image from  Now that most schools are back in session (or will be next week), parents are having to deal with dropping their kids off at school before they head to work.  Not only does this add more time to your morning routine, but you end up using more gasoline and often add frustration to the start of your day, etc.  […]

The Switchblade: Taking Green Travel to New Heights

Image courtesy of Samson Motorworks  Earlier this year I wrote about Samson Motorworks and their SkyBike™.  It looks like they have now come out with something even better – The Switchblade™!  And let me tell you, not only does the name make it sound cool, but the bike is top of the line.  It drives, […]

Fuel Economy Through Ride-Sharing

  Image by biofriendly If you ask almost anyone, they know that ride-sharing, car- or van-pooling and using public transportation will definitely make a difference to your fuel economy.  It will also save you money.  So, why don’t more people ride-share or car-pool? Maybe it’s because they don’t know how much they will save.  Now […]