red rose

Happy Valentine’s Day

red rose
Image by Newtown Graffiti via Flickr Creative Commons license.

We, at Biofriendly Planet Magazine, want to wish you and yours a Happy Valentine’s Day!

However you choose to celebrate, we hope you are able to do so in a biofriendly manner. Keep the environment in mind and consider green gift ideas for Valentine’s Day.

A good example of a biofriendly choice would be, instead of giving your loved one a bouquet of flowers, buying a potted plant or rose bush to go in the garden. Rather than a box of store-bought chocolates, making a decadent and organic chocolate dessert at home. You can try this chocolate zucchini cake (grain-free) or perhaps this homemade paleo chocolate.

Then, before the day is over, take a little time to get outdoors. Breathe in some fresh air and soak in the beauty nature has to offer.

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