National Train Day Celebrating Environmentally-Friendly Transportation

Image by Christopher & AmyCate People have been riding the rails for centuries. Traveling by train is one of the oldest and smartest ways to travel. It’s a very environmentally-friendly form of transportation while at the same time provides a relaxation and view of the world that you can’t get from any other angle. This […]

Bicycles Paving The Way To City-Friendly Transportation

Many different forms of public transportation are on the radar in big cities. One of their largest obstacles is coming up with smart and environmentally-friendly ways for people to get in and out of the city without the headache, congestion and emissions that pile up whenever personal vehicles are the transportation of choice. Image by […]

Chic Eco Transportation (w/videos)

You may not be a car enthusiast. You may not even be 100% environmentally-conscious in your transportation choices. But neither of those points matter here, because once you take a look at these forms of chic eco transportation, you might decide it’s time for a change. Now I’m not talking about public transportation…although I do […]

Eco Transportation: Two Wheels Better Than More

When it comes to the latest in hot and stylish eco-transportation, most people usually think four wheels. Hybrids, electric vehicles and even an occasional three wheeled vehicle are gaining more and more popularity. But other than motorcycles, what makes two wheels better than more? Well, check out these cool two wheel eco-vehicles: 1) Segway® PT – […]