Sustainability vs. Profit: Who Wins?

When it comes to profits, most companies know they won’t go anywhere without money. But what about when it comes to sustainability? Can a company focus on sustainability and being green while still turning a profit? Or does it need to be one or the other? Besides, in a fight between sustainability and profit, who […]

Five Cities for the Environment (and the People)

  Image from I was reading a blog the other day on Mother Nature Network about the Top 10 Cleantech Countries and it got me thinking, what about some of the top cities?  What cities are considered being the best when it comes to being good for the environment and good for the people in them?    […]

Green Thumb or Not, Get Fresh Herbs and Vegetables Without A Garden

Image by OakleyOriginals Many people these days are looking at making changes in their lives to become more sustainable, including growing their own herbs and vegetables.  The problem is not everyone has a big backyard or property with good soil to plant the garden of their dreams.  Additionally, not everyone has the “green thumb” commonly associated with being able […]

Sustainability: From Biodiesel to Water Waste

  Image from  When it comes to sustainable-living, not many people can say they are living a sustainable life, much less a green one.  Don’t get me wrong, many people have parts of their life where they are trying to be green or trying to act more responsible when it comes to the environment, but […]

Green Technology: Getting The Word Out

  Image by SanyamStudios Anything having to do with “going green” or green/clean technology is definitely a hot subject these days. Companies taking steps towards improving the environment, lessening their carbon footprint and promoting sustainable/eco-friendly living are what everyone wants to see and hear. It is so big in fact, that per the UN, it […]

Do Your Part For The Environment By Drinking Your Tea Or Coffee

  Image by Robert Brook Some people may wonder what they can do to help the environment.  Maybe they recycle, maybe they have a hybrid car or use a fuel additive to lower their harmful emissions, maybe they grow their own vegetables…but they know they can do something more.  Did you know that with just […]