Sustainability: From Biodiesel to Water Waste

  Image from  When it comes to sustainable-living, not many people can say they are living a sustainable life, much less a green one.  Don’t get me wrong, many people have parts of their life where they are trying to be green or trying to act more responsible when it comes to the environment, but […]

Are Home Energy Costs Getting You Down?

  Image by biofriendly  I’m not sure what your weather has been like, but where I am, we’ve been hitting temperatures in the 90-100+ range. (It was 105 a few weeks ago, with the inside temperature already at 82 before 7am.)  So obviously, one of the things I worry about is our energy/electric bill.  I need to […]

Solar Energy for your home…the time is now

  Photo from  When it comes to Solar Energy, there is no time like the present.  With all the savings and tax credits available in California (and at the Federal level) for alternative and solar energy, why would anyone in their right mind want to delay getting their home fit with solar panels? Besides, did […]

The energy charger that won’t leave you stranded

Image from  We all know there are many uses and needs for solar energy and thus solar panels.  People have solar panels on their homes, businesses put solar panels on their roofs, there are cars, RVs, boats and even carports now with solar panels.  But what happens if let’s say you go out camping […]